Check out this amazing post about HIV and disclosure. I have provided HIV positive affirmative psychotherapy for over five years and its been an honor to work with this population. For more information from The Body check out there website- https://www.thebodycom/

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It’s almost #ValentinesDay and @juanmichaelporterii has masterfully outlined the power of #HIV disclosure when it’s done on your terms. Here’s his advice: ❤️Be patient with yourself when sharing your #HIVpositive status. Regardless of how others react, your well-being is of utmost importance. ❤️When disclosing to family and friends, decide which questions, if any, you’ll answer. You are not anyone’s tutorial on HIV. Indeed, you may have unanswered questions yourself. ❤️Communicate clear #boundaries for what you will and will not accept. Don’t accept any “help” unless you feel that it is serving you in your time of need. * We know that disclosing your status can be tricky, especially on dating apps like #Tinder, #Grindr, or #Lex, and social media has pushed society to act with constant urgency. If you’re nervous about wanting to get “the talk” off the table, remember: it’s ok for certain information to be earned. “However you go about sharing your status, make sure that you do so in a way that leaves you feeling respected and as awesome as you already are. Anyone who attempts to diminish you because of your #health is unworthy of your time, and time is the most precious commodity that any of us has.” * To read, “When Using Dating Apps, Disclosing My HIV Status Is Earned, Not Your Right to Know” go to our link in bio. If you would like to speak further about revealing your status, please feel free to engage with Juan Michael at @juanmichaelporterii or send us a DM.

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