Relationship Counseling

It’s okay to need help, when you’re ready, I’d be happy to take this journey alongside you.

Relationship Conflicts

Do you feel a loss of connection with your partner? Has your relationship experienced more conflict? Do you feel there are trust issues? Even if your relationship has not experienced these, every relationship has room for growth and improvement.  Couples Counseling may be a benefit to you and your partner.

Couples therapy is a joint therapy session between you and your partner where we work on improving the health of your partnership. Troubled relationships can cause increased anxiety, stress, worry, and sadness. In our approach to couples counseling, we’ll develop insight into challenging patterns that serve as stressors in your relationship dynamics.

I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgement; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship. – Brene Brown

Ineffective Communication

The bedrock of healthy relationships is communication. Unfortunately, when we experience relationship issues, our communication often suffers. A core piece of counseling is the search for communication tools and strategies that help relationships flourish while developing healthy communication skills.

Navigating an Open Relationship

Are you and your partner considering opening your relationship? Are you struggling to identify the best approach and unsure of how to start? Is your current relationship an open one and are you seeking some support to navigate challenges? In my office, I offer a space for you to explore these challenges and find the best path for your relationship(s).

Repair after an affair

Has someone stepped out of the relationship? Has there been infidelity or a breach of trust and do you struggle to find repair? Relationship counseling is a judgment-free environment that illuminates core issues and helps to restore trust to forge a stronger relationship.

Health Challenges

Medical diagnoses can heavily shape a relationship. Let’s talk through the impact on your relationship and find ways to cope.

Recognizing and Repairing Relationship Conflict

Relationship counseling will help you get to the core of significant issues in your relationship. You’ll learn tools to relieve conflict, understand triggers, improve communication, and better connect with your partner.  If your relationship entails frequent arguments and emotional stress, relationship counseling can help.

In relationship therapy, we will explore the connection between your life experiences and relationship stress. Having a deeper understanding fosters empathy, awareness, and connection, which helps break old patterns. By strengthening your attunement and self-awareness, we’ll set forward on a healthier path towards achieving your relationship goals.

Get in touch now

We are hardwired for connection with others. Relationships are a major source of love, joy, and fulfillment in life. When these valuable resources feel jeopardized, relationship counseling can help. Conflict in relationships can be very difficult, no matter how hopeless it may feel, the first step is to reach out. For greater flexibility, we also offer online relationship counseling sessions.