Self-Esteem Counseling

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What is Self-Esteem?

Self-esteem is one of the pillars of our well-being. It is a complex concept that reflects our thoughts about ourselves. People with healthy self-esteem have a positive opinion about themselves while those who battle low self-esteem often find themselves prisoners of self-imposed limits.

Self-esteem is an intrinsic quality that needs to be nourished and developed since early childhood. However, not many of us know how to manage our self-esteem and it’s not uncommon to fall into negative thoughts and self-sabotaging behavior.

Poor self-esteem has often been associated with mental health conditions, like anxiety, depression, and codependency, and it can have an impact on every facet of our daily life.

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” – Buddha

Signs and Symptoms of Low Self-Esteem

People with low self-esteem tend to criticize themselves, feel shame and self-doubt, and lack assertiveness. While the degree of our self-esteem varies depending on various circumstances and experiences, it is important to remember that self-esteem has an impact on our life experiences and not the other way around. Self-esteem comes from within and doesn’t depend on our success or failure. As long as we are aware of this, we are on the path to high self-esteem. Here are some of the most important symptoms of low self-esteem:

Obsessive focus on your weakness and flaws

Increased self-criticalness of yourself and others

Negative beliefs, thoughts, and emotions about yourself

Disregard for your strengths and success

Constant need of others’ approval

Destructive behavior and a tendency for destructive romantic relationships

Irrational feelings of guilt

Unhealthy need to compare ourselves to others

Feeling unloved or unwanted

An overwhelming fear of failure and making mistakes

Self-doubt and indecision

Hypersensitivity to criticism

Lack of social skills and difficulty to set limits with people

The feeling of being unworthy and meaningless

How can self-esteem counseling help?

People with low self-esteem are often trapped by their negative self-talk. They are the ones that set their limits while desperately searching for perfection. Mental health professionals can help you escape the prison of negative thoughts and focus on the positive.

Mental health issues like low self-esteem are usually treated with “person-centered” or “person-centric” therapy. In other words, a therapist will work to solve the problem from the inside out and focus on the present. Cognitive-behavioral therapy has proved to be very successful when dealing with self-esteem issues, negative core beliefs, and anxiety.

You will learn to identify and recognize the root cause of your negative thoughts and low self-esteem. It may be a crisis at home, loss of employment, problems with a loved one, or even seemingly insignificant issues, like the failure of a test. As soon as you are able to identify the trigger, you become aware of its impact on your self-esteem. This will allow you to manage it and take constructive action.

I will help you to take a step back and detach yourself from negative thoughts and beliefs. As a counselor, I will show you how to evaluate the situation and turn your negativity into positivity. You will learn how to objectively assess yourself and accept your strengths and limitations. This is the foundation of healthy self-esteem.

You will learn to be fair to yourself, avoid being overly apologetic, stand by your values, and maintain a healthier relationship with yourself. Self-esteem counseling will lead the way to your truth, acceptance, and well-being.

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” – Lucille Ball

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Overcoming self-esteem issues can be a difficult journey. We’ll work together to create a safe space to explore your negative thoughts so that we can overcome them. I’ll provide you with the tools and strategies that will help you embrace your true self, so you can realize that you are valuable and worthy of love and attention.