Trauma Informed Care

It’s okay to need help, when you’re ready, I’d be happy to take this journey alongside you.

What is Trauma Informed Care?

Trauma is what happens when we go through something distressing or disturbing, and it impacts our wellbeing. This kind of experience can interfere with one’s ability to cope and increase feelings of hopelessness and isolation.  Because people respond to trauma in many different ways, your experience may be completely different than someone else’s.

In my practice, I highly prioritize trauma-informed care. This is an approach that shifts focus from “what’s wrong with you?” to “what happened to you?” Trauma-informed care allows us to unpack shame, while collaboratively creating a safe and trusting space.  

During our work together we will develop skills to better manage symptoms related to trauma. This affords us the opportunity to also increase self-compassion and awareness. I would be honored to sit with you as we uncover the impact trauma has had on your life and develop ways to cope.

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Overly alert, constantly worried, trouble relaxing/sleeping, body tensions.

Mood Changes

Sadness, fear, anger, shame, worry, confusion, guilt, numbness, hopelessness, irritability, difficulty focusing.


Use of drugs/alcohol to “numb,” fear of talking about the trauma with others, avoiding people/places

Physical Symptoms

Stomach pain, heartburn, fatigue, headaches, racing heart, sweaty palms, on edge, hypervigilant.

You and Your Story Matter

Trauma-related symptoms are often painful and overwhelming. We are often told that we should heal quickly and move on. This unfortunately doesn’t afford us the opportunity to truly heal.  In working together, we’ll make space for your story and your lived experience so you can find some healing. Take the first step and reach out to me.

“The single most important issue for traumatized people is to find safety in their own bodies.” – Bessel van der kolk

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Trauma can happen at any point in life. No matter how difficult it may seem, therapy can help, I’d be honored to work with you.